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“GavinTheChamp” – World No.1 Kickboxer!

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Do you have Caribbean roots?

Yes! I do have Caribbean roots. Both of my parents are from Jamaica and a major part of my heritage is there which I’m extremely proud of.

Tell us more about “Gavin The Champ”?

Tell you about “GavinTheChamp” Well! Where should I begin? I’m known for my many Championship Wins and Extensive Clientele. However! Deep down I’m just an avid lover for Martial Arts and Fitness and try everyday to share my knowledge with others.

I run personal training sessions and various other classes from a purpose built gym to which I am co-proprietor. We run classes for Adults, Children, Individuals and Groups.

Being “GavinTheChamp” has been life changing, but getting to this level of success has been extremely hard and determination, selfishness (at times), hard work and support from great positive surroundings are paramount.

Growing up I had hard times just like a majority of the young men in my urban surroundings and not getting caught up in that life was extremely hard. This is one of the reasons why I make it paramount that I give back to my community whether it be financial or my own personal time and I try to help keep as many kids off the streets and to focus them  on the positive.

“GavinTheChamp” is a lover of Family, Sport and Positivity.

What titles do you have under your belt?

Just a few titles I have under my belt:

•    WKA World Champion in Light Contact 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

•    WKA World Champion in Points Fighting 2009 & 2011

•    WKA World Runner Up In Points Fighting 2008 & 2010

•    WAKO World Runner Up in Light Contact 2005, 2007 & 2009

•    WAKO European Champion 2006

•    WAKO British Champion 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

•    ITF European Champion 2008

What was the toughest fight you’ve ever had!

My toughest fight to date has to be my championship fight in Macedonia in 2006. I fought four major fights over four days. I had trained hard and was at the top of my fitness. However the mental aspect of fighting at such a competitive level can be stressful and the stresses to perform can be tough.

Do you think Jamaica gets bad press or is it warranted?

Does Jamaica get bad press? I believe that the negativity is highlighted and shown as a lifestyle. I think media doesn’t help with the way such a glorious country is portrayed.

Many times people don’t understand the struggle that Jamaicans go through and in the UK we see a different type of poverty. However! Some Jamaicans that immigrate to the UK can at times give the media the upper hand with some of their actions.

I know firsthand from travelling to Jamaica and being raised in the Jamaican heritage the true beauty and genuine morality of the country. It’s a different way of life and one I enjoy and succumb too.

I think that in order to change the bad press that Jamaica receives the Media needs to be isolated from the picture and education, knowledge and power reinstated. Jamaica gets bad press at times for, Gangland behaviour portrayed in the movies, music videos, gaza/gully reputation and the behaviour of some firsthand abroad.

However! The business owners, farmers, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers and other law abiding hard working citizens are not glorified and flashed all over the media abroad.

Although we have a lot of work on our hands to restore the name of Jamaica. The nation needs to remember that the sweetest thing is life…………Is proving them wrong!   

Who’s your idol?

I actually have two idols. One being my Grandfather on my mother’s side, the other being my father. What inspired me was the fact they were both family orientated and knew how to handle family business. They taught me how to dress as a man should, my grandfather would call it ‘Dapper’.

They also showed me how to be a gentleman, how to respect, how to have my own mind, how to be a father, everything I am they both played a part in creating and moulding. They are my role models and they curbed me into what I am to date.

So what’s next for The Champ?

What’s next for “GavinTheChamp”? Continuing with my professional fights in competitions and focusing on the Gym. Many more projects are in the pipeline and I’ve got my “GavinTheChamp” team together and the amount of projects going on at present are crazy.











We’ve got boot camp classes, which were geared more towards the ladies but the turnout of both sex’s was immense and now it has a regular slot on our timetable. I’m still working with the younger generation, whether they’re at the gym for a class or I’m out on the ground with them at schools, colleges, youth centres and specially organized events trying to bring out the best of our youth.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but these kids are our future and many act as though they have forgotten this. “GavinTheChamp” as a brand will also be my focus and kicking it up a level, with sports wear clothing line, sponsoring the younger generation and apprenticeships. It’s a busy time right now in my camp but we’re loving the hard work and the pace.

Where can we find out more about your services?

You can find me on www.Gavinthechamp.com

You can also follow me on Twitter @Gavindachamp

You can watch me on Youtube @Gavinthechamp



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