Worried about how to deal with the dreaded COVID-19 virus? Well there are several remedies that can help and are available from herbalists in your area. 

SANITISING oil to put in steam inhalations…can rub on chest and throat

Respiratory  mixture

Thuja capsule to dry out excessive mucus

Anamu tea or capsules will help with inflammation and pain…will keep blood thin and also boost up immune system….anamu also has natural antibiotic properties to deal with any superadded  bacterial infection.


Vitamin c

Vitamin D if not enough from sunshine

Stonebreaker capsules and

Veven capsules directly  kill the virus

If you have allowed chronic stress and fear to affect you …liquorice capsules…or drink twa tass tea to reduce your anxiety and relax you. One possible retailer is St Lucian owned Eden Herbs