In Music news. For Beyoncé, being “Drunk in Love” means strolling on a beach at night in a bikini while carrying a trophy in a sheer-wrapped bikini at night with a trophy while her man raps about having her “breasteses in my breakfast” – or at least that’s director Hype Williams’ intepretation in a video for the song, both of which come from Beyoncé, the surprise new album the singer released last week.

Over the course of the clip’s six minutes, she dances against a backdrop of smoke and selectively mouths the song’s lyrics, sometimes staring at the camera as Jay Z raps with his eyes closed. The track is a bubbly, sexy, snap-filled duet with her husband that Rolling Stone’s Jon Dolan named the album’s “Best Song” and the magazine’s Rob Sheffield described as “superb.” The video, as metaphorical as it is, perfectly captures the feeling of the track. Article courtesy