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A British woman, who is being investigated in Britain for selling potions containing bleach as a “miracle cure” for cancer and autism over the internet, has reportedly fled to Dominica after authorities began a probe into her activities.

It is reported that Amanda Mary Jewell hopes to set up shop for her controversial alternative medicine business in Dominica.  According to published reports in The Express in the UK, trading standards officials in Britain raided her £3-million home in Farnham, Surrey, last month and warned her that it was against the law to offer unapproved treatments for cancer.

A photo from Facebook showing Jewell in Dominica Photo courtesy httpdominicanewsonlinecom

A photo from Facebook showing Jewell in Dominica. Photo courtesy http://dominicanewsonline.com

It is further reported that she spends time at her home in Surrey and her “healing clinic” in Bulgaria where she dispatches her “medicine” to customers around the world. Now it appears that Jewell is in Dominica where she has been posting photos of herself on Facebook and posting videos on YouTube (see below).

“I am in Dominica looking at opening a new centre,” she said in a Facebook post.

But advocates of Autism and cancer are sounding the alarm that Jewell is posing a danger because of a medicine she sells called MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution ), which is described as “a toxic bleach solution.” Autism advocate and founder of ART (Autistic Rights Together) based in Ireland, Fiona Oleary, told DNO that Jewell is dangerous.

“She is making huge profit from experimenting on Autistic children and also those who are suffering from serious illness such as Cancer and AIDS,” she told DNO via email. “She is a member of this cult the Genesis II Church and people are suffering awful side effects from ingesting these unregulated and dangerous ‘Treatments.’ Autistic children are suffering horrific side effects including Renal failure, internal bleeding, vomiting and diarrhoea daily, hair loss, boils and burns on skin, and much more. In Ireland criminal investigations have begun into parents using MMS on their Autistic children and also into those selling MMS. The authorities in the UK are investigating Amanda Mary Jewell …”

She said Jewell fled to Dominica to avoid the police and prosecution. MMS itself has been covered by a number of international news organizations such as the BBC, ITV and NBC. All have concluded that the ‘alternative’ medicine is dangerous.

For the time being it is unknown which part of Dominica Jewell is located. Dominica News Online will contact health authorities on this matter as to whether they are aware of the presence of Jewell in Dominica and her plans to sell this alternative medicine here. Article courtesy http://dominicanewsonline.com. See videos below on Mary Jewell in Dominica



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