Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

 “Pauline, guess who and who are in a relationship” whispered Kimberly from her desk.

“Who?” asked Pauline with heightened curiosity.

“Jason from Audit and Judith from Human Resource Development.” she replied with a mischievous grin on her face.

Then they both looked at each other knowingly and resumed their respective tasks.

 This scenario while it may not be an exact copy but it is similar to what takes place when co-workers are aware that their colleagues are involved in a romantic relationship.  I mean it is not uncommon for one to hear that a Manager and his Personal Assistant are involved.

However, this is a different caliber of relationship with other elements that will be dealt with in next week’s column. Now back to the co-workers that are involved. Basically, the entire workplace is aware of their relationship. So, they now become the “celebrity couple” of their workplace. And with every good celebrity couple, everybody either knows intimate details of their personal lives or want to know. Thus the gossip will be never ending; some may be true, while others are false.

I am not saying that this couple wants their relationship to be public. It is just a situation that they have to deal with.

On top of that, how does the couple handle the fact that they are intimate with someone one minute and the next have to be professional with them? This is even worse when one of them is in a higher position than the other.  Can the Policy Supervisor tell his junior staff to redo something that was not done particularly well? Without it becoming, “How dare you talk to me like that, I am your wife for crying out loud.”

Love at work...?

Or will the Supervisor dare instruct his ‘wife’ to redo the task. He will probably have to do it himself or instruct another worker to do it. In, essence it is possible for the workplace to be business as usual when romance is involved.

Do the personal matters inevitably get involved; especially if the couple recently had an argument or fight? How will that affect their professional relationship in the workplace?

I am of the opinion that a couple cannot simply be colleagues at work. Their personal relationship will definitely affect the way that they relate to each other in business. And people will be watching and talking.