In Community news. This is a comment left by Big Kangcrow in response to article, ‘Do Bajans really hate Jamaicans?’ Original at bottom of this letter.

Barbadian people are still in slavery mode. They do not understand how Jamaicans do so good in business and education. Barbadians claim that they have the highest education in the region, how is it that you,ll don’t do better than Jamaican people in business and education in the US and England. In the US Jamaicans own and run more business than Barbadian people. The largest black restaurant franchise in the US is owned by a Jamaican man, Golden Crust Caribbean Grill and Bakery.

Black waiter feature

In the Caribbean Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart a Jamaican owns and runs the largest Caribbean beach resort and hotel, Sandals. Barbadians want to be like Jamaicans calling the shots like that,but they don’t have the guts. Barbados economy is good because you have fewer mouths to feed! Little island people such as Barbados is always jealous of people from bigger islands and I think is because Barbadians eat off all the flying fish.

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