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Caribbean Author, Giftus R John reaches out to Phenomenal Women Book Club

 Caribbean news. Basseterre, 11 April 2014 – Caribbean Author, Giftus R John continues to reach out to wider audiences with his book Ma William and Her Circle of Friends and connected with the Phenomenal Women Book Club of New City, NY on 23 March 2014.

According to Giftus: “My greatest eye-opener was the manner in which almost every member of the club loved the book, because they identified with Ma William-the shopkeeper. They were able to re-live their younger days through the characters, since a number of them had had interaction with a shopkeeper either directly, or indirectly. Some indicated that they remembered doing some of the tasks that Bamboo did in the shop in their own shops.”

Spokesperson for the group, Joan Mondesire Prince says that she had started the Club about four years ago, when she thought about joining a club. Instead, she decided to form a Club and so contacted a few friends. Her friends agreed to form a Club and since then it has maintained a membership of twelve to fifteen persons.

Book Club

The book Ma William and Her Circle of Friends is a collection of characters portraying life in an island community. The focal point of all that activity is a small shop where these “friends” meet on almost a daily basis with Ma William as the head of that group – a sort of matriarch, so to speak.  They each represent “characters” and speak of “everyday situations” in that community and which are also representative of situations in many other communities throughout the island and even the Caribbean at-large.

The story of Ma William, set on the island of Dominica in the 1970’s is a story of the spirit of entrepreneurship, which has, even subconsciously, nurtured many of today’s Caribbean entrepreneurs. Although the term ‘entrepreneurship’ was not popular in those days, many Caribbean women were either shopkeepers or sold in the marketplace, or from even their homes, as they found innovative ways to earn income to support their families. It is also the story of balancing work and family life.

Book Marketing Strategist and Author’s Coach at Savvy BestSellers, Eunice Nisbett, says that Giftus’ connecting with the Book Club, is an example of how authors can use different angles from their book, to appeal to wider audiences.

Giftus R John, has been described as one of Dominica’s finest writers and his collection of books are available on Amazon at

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