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Life Sucks!!

Ram Goat

Last time I was telling you how the boys them used to treat me in school. Sometimes I think it really wasn’t them boys fault because I was always shy and didn’t have no confidence.

Why?? Well I still believe it was because my father never really had time for me; you see he was a drinker and a smoker and had loads of friends that drank and smoked…My mom used to say he did lots of other things too that’s why they used to argue and fight a lot…we’ll talk about that later…

Anyway I had to learn a lot of stuff on my own because dad couldn’t care less…as for mom she was always crying and cleaning up dad’s mess…it’s safe to say my early childhood wasn’t much to shout about so I was always sad and alone. My sister also didn’t pay me much mind so I just did whatever I wanted…on my own!

I had this auntie who used to tease me about how I looked and the fact that I couldn’t get any friends and my granny was never interested in anything I had to say so life was pretty lonely in the home.

I guess the boys them at school saw how lonely and depressed I looked and thought they could take advantage…and yep they did! Going to school was like tooth extraction…I hated it!! All my efforts to make friends failed for more reasons than one…nothing I did was goodenough…nothing I said was smart or hip enough…nothing I discovered was cool enough…I was just uninteresting, boring and a waste ofspace…the perfect target for bullying!!

When I come back I’ll tell you about the bullying and other stuff the boys did to me…when I remember those days it reminds me of how Life Sucks!! Ram Goat

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