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The weather in Antigua is almost always nice. The temperature remains fairly constant year round, making this the perfect island to visit any time of the year.

Antigua’s annual average temperatures range between 73 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the season at which you are looking.  During the winter, the country’s temperatures hover between 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the summer time, the stay in the mid to upper 80s.  Though even these winter temperatures may sound ideal to travelers visiting from the north, it is best to arrive prepared with clothes to keep you warm in the cool nighttime breezes.  If you plan to take a trip to the top of Mount Obama(once Boggy Peak), note that the higher elevation promotes cooler weather and a wetter climate.

…one of the driest and sunniest islands

The coolest hours throughout the country are after the sun has gone down, when the temperature can drop to two to four degrees less than daylight hours. With the steady trade winds blowing from the northeast, this can make evenings a little chilly for some visitors. The warmest hours on the island are midday during the summer time.

Antigua’s weather is not influenced by diverse terrain as much as it is by the lack of fresh water; the island is one of the driest and sunniest islands in the Caribbean. Droughts are common, as is low-humidity.  Still, most weather reports will anticipate daily rain on the island.  This is usually little more than a cloud passing quickly over the island. Annual rainfall average at only about 45 inches. When it does rain, the showers are usually last for 10 minutes or less, and are followed by bright bursts of sunshine.  If the thought of any rain at all puts a damper on your vacation plans, travel between the months of October and December should be avoided, as these are the months that historically see the most rain.

Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 31, and Antigua does lie in the path of what is considered “Hurricane Alley.”  Despite this fact, there have only been six direct hits on the island in the past fifty years.  Because the Caribbean region makes up such a vast area, the chances of one island constantly being hit is slim.   It is more common for Antigua to be affected by the outlying bands of the hurricane, which will bring strong winds, clouds, and heavy rainfall.

This shouldn’t deter you from booking a trip to the island during this time, however.  The amount of technology available in the field of meteorology makes it impossible for a hurricane to hit the island unawares.  If a hurricane is any threat to Antigua, you will likely know several days in advance of your trip, and be able to make other arrangements.  Many hotels are accommodating in this situation, though you may consider purchasing travel insurance to prevent you from losing money on your airline tickets.  If a hurricane has hit the island just before your trip, make sure you call your hotel to ensure it is still open.

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