Welcome to CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited, founded and managed by dedicated Caribbean nationals is the most innovative and Caribbean focused company in the United Kingdom. Our remit is to enable the Caribbean business and civic community in the UK ‘Diaspora’ to connect on matters dear to them.

We at CaribDirect.com are one big family and love to involve our readers. We encourage readers to get involved and send in any Caribbean news stories, reports, poems or photographs to share with the world. As we work to be the primary source for all things Caribbean we engage the talent of young Caribbean nationals and friends through CaribDirect Links to provide up to date and relevant news, views and opinions on the ‘happenings’ in Caribbean communities around the globe.

As a multi-media company we use three main communication platforms to get the Caribbean community in the United Kingdom to engage with each other: CaribDirect.com; CaribDirect Seminar Series and CaribDirect Trade Mission Support.

1. CaribDirect.com – Caribbean News Website

CaribDirect.com is your one stop shop for Caribbean news, views, politics, entertainment and much more. We endeavour to showcase the latest from the multicultural Caribbean Diaspora with island and country specific blog updates on a daily basis, as well as coverage of contemporary technology, fashion, sports and business topics.

Integral to our unique selling point (USP) is interviewing Caribbean and other nationals that have done inspiring or remarkable things to help develop or promote the Caribbean on Diaspora News In Brief (DNIB). Over the years we have interviewed the likes of Morgan Heritage, Levi Roots (Reggae Reggae Sauce), Marla Brown (Dennis Brown’s daughter), Dennis Bovell (Lover’s Rock Legend), David Ajala (Actor – Fast & the Furious 6) and more.

2. CaribDirect Seminar Series

Following our successful high profile business seminar in partnership with the Caribbean News Network TV (CANNTV) at the Trinidad & Tobago High Commission on 29th November 2012 on the topic ‘The Air Passenger Duty (APD) and You’ we have continued to inform, educate and entertain audiences through this format. Details of the seminar can be found Here.

This first seminar is credited for inspiring a special fund being set up between a Jamaican building society and the group of Caribbean High Commissions to finance the campaign to pressure the UK government to re-band the APD.

On 30th May 2013 we hosted the second business seminar under the theme The Caribbean and You – Doing Business with or in the Caribbean, at the Jamaica High Commission.

Yet again this seminar was instrumental in establishing, among other things, a petition for second and third generation Caribbean children to be considered for citizenship by Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) governments. Details of this seminar can be found Here.

Our third seminar under theme The Caribbean and You – focused on“Caribbean (in)visibility on British Television”. This seminar was held at the Dominica High Commission on Thursday 5th December 2013 and boasted a panel of speakers including, Samuell Bentaa, creator / director All About The Mckenzies; Akin Salami, CEO OHTV; Ron Belgrave, director Sankofa Televisual and Marcus Ryder, editor BBC Scotland. The event was moderated by Angie LaMar.

Seminars for 2014 begin on Thursday 10th July focusing on Caribbean Security and Crime: Implications for trade and investment.

3. CaribDirect Trade Mission Support

Following a successful first Africa Meets the Caribbean trade mission to Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago (January 20 to 29th 2013), CaribDirect has forged strategic alliances with key Caribbean businesses and the media for the sole purpose of increasing the visibility of the Caribbean Diaspora to the Caribbean while promoting trade and investment opportunities in the Caribbean. Details of this trade mission can be found Here.

We believe our association with UK Trade & Investment, Nigerian based Compass Consulting (www.compass-consultants.com) and the Caribbean Enterprise Network (CENUK www.cenuk.net) facilitator of the Africa Meets the Caribbean trade mission and our community focused not for profit arm CaribDirect Community Development Association (CCDA) will be integral to that process.

4. CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN)

Bi-monthly business networking sessions that facilitate and Connect entrepreneurs and business people in the UK with Caribbean government and business representatives for trade and investment.

Our Modus Operandi

Strategic partnerships are very important to us as we reach out to firms, individuals and communities doing great things worthy of mention. We believe there is much to be done in the UK Caribbean community that can be achieved through strategic collaboration.

We are firm in the belief that the time to act is NOW if we are to make a discernible difference in the community. Our partnerships with our stakeholders, Caribbean High Commissions, Overseas Territory Representatives, British Foundation for the University of the West Indies (BFUWI), Caribbean Enterprise Network (CENUK), Pathway Caribbean, Rila Publications, Sankofa Televisual, Hard Beat Communications New York, CaribSeek News, Simplified Business Solutions UK, Compass Consulting Nigeria and so on are critical in delivering a quality product every time.